Have you ever thought about what would happen if there was a workplace incident? Whether it is Sexual Harassment, or Violence, Vanguard Business Services has the ability to perform a service called the “HR EMT”. Normally if there is a fire, you would call the Fire Department, the same action needs to take place when a workplace incident occurs.  An independent investigation of events will normally assist workers compensation, as well as, in some situations, add a protection for the employer.   Vanguard Business Services prides itself in the ability to arrive on scene, perform an investigation, and create a report to the business owner as to the valid facts involved in the incident.

Contact Vanguard Business Services when needed as an investigator and outside independent witness for events. Each situation is different and not all situations require a ‘knee jerk’ reaction of the ‘HR EMT’, but, let us help decide what needs done, the actions that need to take place and how to help during that crucial time period.


Can you relate to these scenarios? 

  • Something comes up in your business and you quickly Google around for a solution
  • You reach out to a friend or other business colleague to see what they would do in a similar situation

Both of these questions can leave you in a bind, because your business may not be exactly like the one that is on the web, or similar to a friend’s  business.  What may work as an answer for one company may not work for another. Vanguard Business Services prides itself on being able to find the correct answer for the right company.

Without long term contracts, and without call centers, Vanguard Business Services helps small businesses clear their mind of questions at low prices!
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