Vanguard Business Services offers a wide variety of assistance when it comes to tackling your business's need for paperwork, hiring manuals, and handbooks. This doesn't have to be a burden-we're here to help!


Many business owners look to the internet for a generic copy of an employee handbook, or try to create one on their own. The handbook is rather important, as it is the ground rules for the employees as well as the employer. No two businesses are the same, so Vanguard Business Services creates a handbook that is customized to your specific needs.  No cookie-cutters, no unnecessary language, just what your specific business, in your specific state needs. 

Questions to Consider: 

  • Do you have less than 50 employees at your business, and your generic handbook has a section dedicated to the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), do you need it?
  • How about those small businesses that are a signatory to a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), is your handbook set to comply with the contract?
  • Do you have a vacation or personal leave accrual calculation? Do you know the difference between the simple wording between the two (vacation vs. personal leave)? Do your employees know the difference?
  • Does your state require specific language for 'at-will' employment?  Did you know that there are seven states that require specific language for an 'at-will' employer?  Vanguard Business Services knows, and produces a final product that is compliant to your state.



Safety Manuals

Small business owners sometimes forget that they need a valid safety manual.

Questions to Consider: 

  • Where is my MSDS?
  • Where is my Safety Manual? If I do have one, when was it last updated?
  • Am I sure that if OSHA comes in for an audit, will my safety manual satisfy their requirements?

Safety Manuals in themselves are the best sleeping aid in the world, they are extensive, and quite a bore to read at times. The point in having them is to have a set of instructions in place on what to do, when to do it, and how to do it in case of an incident. Not all employers need to have the same manual, there can be differences from one employer to the next.

Paperwork and Forms

Regardless of  how many employees you have, even if you only have one, paperwork makes the world go round. Some employers believe that the employee fills out paperwork and then they need to do their job. Did you know that simple mistakes, or white-out/correction fluid on certain forms makes them worthless? 

Paperwork issues can be a nightmare for some, but for Vanguard Business Services, we enjoy assisting small business owners to get the right paperwork in the right place.

Questions to Consider: 

  • Do you use job applications from a store? 
  • Do you often find yourself wondering what paperwork is required for new hires or contractors?
  • What about when tax time rolls around--do you have everything you need to file correctly?

Vanguard Business Services can create a customized application form that is compliant with the needs of your business, your state, not everyone else!



We Have Answers To Your Questions

Situations like the above and many more questions come up when discussions of the employee handbook, paperwork, and safety manuals arise.   At times, "Cookie Cutter" handbooks  can cause more harm than good.  Anyone can go to the web and download an employee handbook, but the handbook may not be compliant with your specific state’s rules and legislation.

Vanguard Business Services stands by our work and provides guarantees for your business with one year of company changes, and two years of legislative changes.  This means that once you purchase an employee handbook or other manual from Vanguard Business Services, you are covered.

Reach out to Vanguard today and get your questions answered. We're here to help.
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