Training, a dreaded word for some, but it does not have to be. In fact, it adds to your employee's skill set therefore making them a more valuable asset!  That is correct, your employees are one of the largest assets to your business!  Providing comprehensive training  allows that asset to grow in value, therefore increasing your company's real worth.

Vanguard Business Services provides a
multiple platform approach to training.


An expert trained in various subject matters will come to your office, meet with you personally and can hold a training session on all sorts of hundreds of different items. This type of training is quite interrogative and involving. Sessions can last from a 30-minute safety meeting, to a 4-hour marathon. 


On-Line Training can be done over the internet, preferably on a high-speed connection, on several hundred different subjects. The training's are  meant to be user friendly, interactive, and fun.


Some of the topics that can be facilitated::

  • Sexual Harassment identification, prevention, and remediation
  • Customer Service for the future
  • Team Building
  • Social Acceptance
  • Quickbooks© Training (In-Person Only)
  • And many more
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