Human Resources

This word tends to frighten some, and terrify others. Vanguard Business Services brings the 'Human' back into the process. As a small business owner, you have a passion for what you create and do, that is why you went into business! Protecting yourself with correct and consistent Human Resource assistance is a key to success on the road to the future!

The realm of Human Resources encompasses so many different items, the list itself goes on and on. This realm ranges from legally correct and consistent Employee Handbooks, to representation with Department of Labor disputes. As a small business owner you have many different responsibilities when it comes to Employment Law and Benefits of Employment (yes, there is a difference) and, at times, these items can vary from state to state. Many companies, especially large companies, have the ability to include a Human Resource Department or Human Resource Officer.  Small businesses don't always have this ability but Vanguard Business Services gives the benefit of that dynamic department, customized to the needs of each individual business.


Ask Yourself Some Questions:

  • Do I have an effectively written, compliant employee handbook?
  • Does my business have contractors or employees, and what is the difference?
  • Can I quickly find a verifiable resource to ask questions to about Employment Law, and what is the difference of Benefits of Employment?
If you cannot answer these questions in your head with determination and confidence, Vanguard Business Services wants to help.
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