Accurate and thorough financial record keeping is essential to business ownership yet it can be confusing, overwhelming and time consuming. One small error, miss-entry into a register or simply forgetting a receipt can cause hours of frustration and searching. Aside from time consumption and frustration inaccurate bookkeeping can cause hefty penalties, a higher payment to your accountant to straighten your expenses out at tax time and missed opportunities for tax deductions.

As part of the bookkeeping services we offer basic bookkeeping where we categorize all your transactions, reconcile all accounts, and provide financial reports as you require or request them. We also offer further bookkeeping services to include accounts receivable and accounts payable and help you watch your cashflow. We basically can become your full service accounting department, allowing you to free up time to grow and manage your business.

Vanguard Business Services provides relief and a worry-free experience to business owners that stress and spend countless hours figuring out how to maintain their never ending stack of receipts and expenses. 


Our goal is provide reliability, flexibility and convenient bookkeeping services to each of our clients. We can deliver you peace of mind by providing a complete package of bookkeeping services including accounts payable, accounts receivable, invoicing, bank reconciliations, monthly reports and earning statements. We can also provide you with a complete set of financial reports for your records. This will give you the tools necessary to provide accurate, professional and complete financial documents to a financial institution in consideration for a Line of Credit or to acquire a loan.

Outsourcing your bookkeeping tasks will not only provide you with the peace of mind that your financial records are up to date, accurate, invoices are submitted timely and your expenses are identifiable, it also allows you to focus on your growth and the daily functions of your business.

Maintaining precise records that are up-to-date provides you with dependable reports that you can use to plan and project your short term and long term business goals and growth. We reconcile and balance each of your accounts including bank accounts, savings accounts and credit cards along with providing monthly reports and earning statements. Analyzing your financial numbers often gives you an inside view of what is working, what should be tweaked and areas of your business that need monitored closer.